What is it?

The Ice Auger Machine is an outdoor go kart that uses an ice auger motor to power the device. The concept behind it is that you can use a motor that you may already have and transport yourself to wherever you want to go! If you happen to be ice fishing then you will be able to simply take the motor off (with no tools) and drill your holes for ice fishing. The Machine can be used for many things such as Ice fishing, camping, hunting, fishing, and just leisurely riding.

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The Ice Auger Machines Many Features…

  • Quick disconnect of motor
  • Lightweight at (TBD)lbs
  • Adjustable size range from (TBD)”- (TBD)” L, (TBD)” W, and (TBD)” H
  • 2 speed shifting handle for power or speed (approximate speed range is (TBD)MPH-(TBD)MPH)
  • Fully guarded for maximum safety
  • Quick disconnect of front wheels to convert to ski’s (skis are sold separately)
  • Fenders for safety and to keep you dry of slush/water/dirt
  • Adjustable seat to fit any size person
  • Telescoping steering wheel to pinpoint comfort
  • Front tie rod steering
  • Hand brake
  • Steering wheel with built in throttle
  • Seat rotates and locks in 3 positions for driving or fishing from

What Makes The Ice Auger Machine So Awesome?

Ice Auger Machines
  • Drive in comfort instead of walking
  • Safer than a four wheeler or snowmobile during early ice conditions
Ice Auger Machines
  • Price and affordability
  • Storage at home is a breeze because of the size and weight of the machine
Ice Auger Machines
  • Disassembles in 2 lightweight halves, makes transporting very easy
  • Low emissions
Ice Auger Machines
  • 2-in-1 concept incorporating a motor you may already have
  • Maneuverability
  • Transports equipment
Ice Auger Machines
  • Use in all seasons
  • Low maintenance
  • Customizable with accessories sold separately
Ice Auger Machines
  • Durable in tough weather elements
  • Not required to register on frozen waterways and private property in Wisconsin

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